Cover & Contents (Gaian Times Issue#11)

GT#11  Beltane (Summer) 2015

Gaian Times #11 May 2015 Cover

Contents GT-11-slanted


Cover GT#11


Longtime Lover Returns (spring poem)

Aphrodisiacs – Food for Lovers

Aromatherapy for Beltane

The Catcher in the Sky – Swift Gifts

Animal Communications

Williams Syndrome Awareness month

Experiences of an Elder Pagan

Response to `Making Money’ article

Reiki : Personal path to divine healing energy

Sacred Geometry – Language of Relationship

Pagan Activism

Rome (Gallery)

Hollow Earth thoughts – Review of Earth Hour & Earth Day 2015

Taiji Terror Tales 2015 : London Demo at Trafalgar Square

Bhai Sehna (short story)

Beneficial Vitamins

People: Art of David Rankine

Chief Seatle (poem)

Astrology: Retrograde Planets in 2015

Sacred Journey – Pagan Federation London Conference 2015

Entertainment: Dalek-Om in Glastonbury

Gallery1 : Climate March London 2014

Gallery 2: Peaceful Demo Japanese Embassy – Stop the Ivory Trade



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